Amazing Feats of the Night Sky

The Illustrated Guide to the Amazing Feats of the Night Sky is a pocket guide by the great illustrator Jez Burrows. It opens matchbook style and on the inside is a guide to the great celestial events that occurred or will occur in 2009. I know the year is a bit over half done, but that doesn't mean you can't see what is coming up for the fall and winter (fall is one of the best times to lay out and watch the stars).

The last two images are of the Gocco print he created to go along with the guide and sadly those are all sold out. A fantastic print that I'll have to keep my eye out to obtain by other means. The guide itself can be purchased from the Tiny Showcase for $5

Jez has a huge amount of other great work as well so I can't say this is the last time his art is going to show up here.

Now, I will try and keeping my stars/space/sky/etc posts to a minimum because even though this blog is named after a constellation, I don't want it to become too themed. However, when print looks that good, it is going to show up for sure.


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