A Little Bit About The Large Bear


Hello there! My name is Josh and I am a graphic designer in the Midwest. I have been out of school for a couple years now and I love being a designer. The only downside is not every project lets you explore the creative part of your mind, so this is a way to keep the creative ideas flowing. It is a bit of a visual journal for me, so when I say "oh man what was that poster with the cool robot on it" in a few months, I will know where to find it and draw some more inspiration from it.

I hope to post some of my own work here and there, work from new students emerging out into the design world, and anything else that piques my interest (and there is a lot that falls under that category).


The Large Bear is named after the constellation Ursa Major (which is also known as The Big Dipper). It is a pretty easy constellation to find and is visible to us in the Northern Hemisphere most of the year.

Why did I name my blog after it? There are a lot of different reasons. Mainly because I find stars and space fascinating and always have. That could be because I grew up out in the country where you can actually see the stars and because, now, every night when I take my dog out for a walk at night I just stand out there and stare up at the sky. Plus, just to ice the cake a bit I have a star tattooed on my left hand and hope to finish it into a constellation one day.


If you have anything you want to see posted, it could be your own work or just something else you think the world needs to see, send me a message at:

thelargebear (at) gmail . com

Or if you just want to say hey or start up a conversation on design, that's good too.


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