Josefs Brewery

So lately I have beer on the brain, so there will be a few beer related posts over the next couple weeks. It could be partially because I love beer and could be considered a beer aficionado. It could also be that when I was up visiting my family for the 4th of July I went to Oliver T's in Michigan and they have over 700 beer in stock. I was like a kid in a candy store.

I find beer labels really interesting because they are all over the range of design. From horrible to amazing, standard to unique, simple to elaborate. The design of their labels really has a large power over me buying them as well. I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover or a beer by it's label, however when you have over 700 to choose from, it helps you decide (along with price... can't afford a $20 bottle right now...) With new micro brews popping up all the time it is a huge market, and has great possibilities. 

I wouldn't mind taking a crack at designing a few, and I actually will a bit since I brew my own as well, but it would be cool to do a real one.

Now on to this particular beer. These images of Josefs have been around the block a few times but I couldn't resist putting them up as well. The redesign was done by Humberto Gregorio and although I haven't seen photos of the "Before" I love the "After." It has a great simple design that would be very distinguishable on the shelf among the other beers and clearly states what you're getting in the bottle (not always true on other brands, if I'm looking for a Pilsner, I don't want to have to look though all the Stouts as well...) Add in the use of swing top bottles, and the top label, and you've got a great bottle design.

The only downside is the web address on the label does not work and I would love to find out more on this beer, and when I might be able to find it. Anyone know? I would like to try just one of them, but wouldn't hurt to try them all...


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