Robots Creating Art

No, not robots from the future, but instead Roombas are creating art and you might have never known it. This is a 30 min exposure that Signal Theorist took of his roomba moving around in his dark room. He wanted to see if it really did get every spot of the floor, and it looks like it did!

The most interesting part I find about this is the spiral it created on the left side. I have never seen a Roomba working in person, so I don't know if it starts out that way or what. I think if this was a high enough resolution he could sell some cool prints of how this thing moved around the room, or if you could do this is different types and styles of rooms, that would be really interesting. Or better yet, get 2 Roombas (or more) and change the color of their light and watch them "dance" around the room together.

All in all, a very interesting use of a Roomba other then taking video of your cat riding it around your room, although that is always entertaining too.


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