Color me unimpressed...

My Wish List

So there is a big apple going on tomorrow if you haven't heard. A lot of people think apple might unveil a new tablet style computer and others think that the iphone might be released onto other US carriers.

Me? I could care less about those things. What I really would like is something that seems so simple...

How about a way to login into different users on one iPod. My wife and I share an iPod, my other one is at the office permanently and it is honestly dying (the center button barely works, too bad, you need it to select things...). So we share one classic 80gb ipod. Not a problem, but  we don't have exactly the same musical tastes and she doesn't like having to scroll through all of my stuff (and the Ipod is actually hers, she is nice enough to share with me).

This just seems like too easy of a fix? My iMac can have multiple users, why can't my iPod. Just make a little login screen, no need for password protection. You could even have it so that could be disabled if you only have one user, just like regular OSX.

And a side thought on that, why can't they make it easier to have multiple people on iTunes? Same problem, it would be cool to separate it, and make a login. Yes, you can do this with multiple libraries, but honestly it is a pain. Come on Apple, you're APPLE! Make it easy.

Obviously NOT Optimus Prime

As I was randomly shopping deals last night. I came across this great review. Just as it says, he is writing this review about an ottoman, the kind that has storage in it.

So, of course it only gets 2 stars because he wanted a transformer, that makes perfect sense.

I have went on rants to friends on this before. Since I am the kind of guy that researches the crap out of something before I buy it. It pays to look at the actual reviews and not just at the number of stars it got. Because there are always jack***es like this out there screwing the system.

Hand Pulled and Pulled Pork

Those of you that know me know I like meat, and those of you that know me well, know I love meat.

The weather is cold, and it makes me want to go to my favorite bbq joint here. When the weather warms up, I want bbq, middle of summer, bbq. Even if I tune into the BB King Blues channel on XM, I want bbq (nothing like craving some brisket at 9:30 a.m. on the way to work). See a trend here?

Hatch created these amazing hand pulled letterpress posters for 4505 Meats in the Bay area. Great color and imagery on them. If the price was a bit lower I would have picked some up for myself.

Check out the video of them being made here, and you can purchase them here. $26 each. Go get a hand pulled poster and then maybe a pulled pork.

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Still Obsessing

I am still obsessed with playing the new mario game for the Wii. It's taking up a lot of my time which is why posts may seem a little slow.

So, since these are the scenarios that are playing in my head every night while I sleep, why not decorate your entire room with them...

This room would have been killer as a kid. Oddly enough (as with most kids) I probably would have "outgrew" it at one point, but of course now, I would kill for it again.

Tweet in Green and White

So, I bet you have noticed, posts have slowed down a bit. This could be partially because I have been really busy with a few things, I am somewhat lazy, and/or I haven't seen anything lately that has been calling out to me (I'm going to go with "all of the above").

When, I saw this book, from Dynamo,  it was calling my name. So beautiful, green and white, very well designed, fantastic typography, simple cover. You had me at hello.

However not everything can just be beautifully designed. Well it could, and the world would be amazing, but then I would be out of work... But back to my point, design isn't everything, you also need content. When I first read about what the subject of this book was, I thought, eh,  not my thing. I say that because the subject is about tweeting and status updates. Now if you know me personally, I do not tweet and I don't really partake in that. Maybe someday, but not for now. I also spend a minimal amount of time on facebook, I don't need people knowing what I am doing every second, if I tripped on a morning walk, or what I ate for lunch. However, the book is supposed to be about status updates that someone would want to read and that have meaning. I can't say for sure, but they do have my attention.

Last, the book takes from both sides of the Atlantic, and is published in both English and French, and from my understanding you get both for $20. Very tempted.

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So today I spent the day running errands and watching a movie . A lot of people might have had a similar day, those who get Martin Luther King Jr. Day off. So while you're relaxing and enjoying your day (or even if you are at work) take a moment and just think about what he did for us and how he shaped out future. Amazing, isn't it?

Image by Robert Bosch
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Leave your Wacom at Home

What if you could use your macbook's trackpad as a drawing tablet? With the Inklet app for your mac you can! You're not going to get the same pressure sensitivity as a Wacom tablet, but you're also not going to want to take your Wacom with you everywhere. This is kind of a more "on the go" option.

Anyone want to buy me a macbook so I can try this?

Cloudy with a Chance of DOOOOOM

Loving the simplicity and color of the Doom Flower Mini Print by Aesthetic Apparatus.

Best part is how they list their colors: doom red, doom blue, doom black. I don't know how you mix up a color with extra doom in it, do you?

Edition of 300, you can pick one up for $15

Do you love type or are you IN love with it?

Today I wanted to share an article from the New York Times  on typography for you. For those of you that are typography addicts it won't present that much new information (although a little insight on Hoefler and Frere-Jones, creators of Tungsten above) but I always love a good article on type. Especially those that are showing the world what we do, and that it takes a bit more then buying software to be a designer or typographer.

It discusses on how limited we are with digital type, what might change with it and the mainstreaming of typography with the Obama campaign etc.

The White Stuff

So this week I have been feeling a bit burnt out. Couple endeavors didn't work out, crazy busy at work. Because of all of that I haven't been out there finding awesome design stuff to post. I will be up to my usual caliber soon though.

So instead I leave you a photo of my dog Rocky, as we played outside in the snow last night. He really isn't that happy to see me, he is concentrating very hard on the frisbee I am holding.

GDUSA Part 2

To go along with my post yesterday on subscribing to GDUSA, above is a screenshot of their 2009 American Graphic Design Award Winners, and that just happens to be me... This was the first version of the book, basically an overnight job, V2 is a bit better.

You can check out the rest of the winners here , there are a lot.


So if you don't know about GD USA it is time to find out about them. They are a graphic design magazine that is pretty good and best of all it is FREE.

So go check out the website, maybe sign up to get it. The magazine does have a lot of ads, but what can you expect.... it's free. They gotta pay for it somehow.

Brighten Up Your Day

I saw this image on AT awhile back and thought it would work great for today. It can been crazy cold out and what better then a bright orange room to warm it back up.

I am usually not a fan of orange on the walls and i don't know if it is the wide white base boards, the metal of the lamp, or what, but it all works together.

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