My Wish List

So there is a big apple going on tomorrow if you haven't heard. A lot of people think apple might unveil a new tablet style computer and others think that the iphone might be released onto other US carriers.

Me? I could care less about those things. What I really would like is something that seems so simple...

How about a way to login into different users on one iPod. My wife and I share an iPod, my other one is at the office permanently and it is honestly dying (the center button barely works, too bad, you need it to select things...). So we share one classic 80gb ipod. Not a problem, but  we don't have exactly the same musical tastes and she doesn't like having to scroll through all of my stuff (and the Ipod is actually hers, she is nice enough to share with me).

This just seems like too easy of a fix? My iMac can have multiple users, why can't my iPod. Just make a little login screen, no need for password protection. You could even have it so that could be disabled if you only have one user, just like regular OSX.

And a side thought on that, why can't they make it easier to have multiple people on iTunes? Same problem, it would be cool to separate it, and make a login. Yes, you can do this with multiple libraries, but honestly it is a pain. Come on Apple, you're APPLE! Make it easy.


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