Doodles for the Day

I brought in my tablet today to work on a project, so for a little warm up (it's been awhile since I have used the tablet) I decided to doodle for a bit.

I don't know why, but I drew a carrot, and then his little friends. But the carrot looked scared, it could be because you are making soup tonight or the fact that something was coming after him. What is the villain to a carrot? A nice juicy steak, since if you have steak, why would you want anything else.

I like the potato too, he just has a simpleton kind of face going, and I think if a potato really did come to life he would probably be an idiot.

So that is just the random little story I made up as I doodled today.

Maybe not to many...

The internet never ceases to amaze me. When viewing the post on swissmiss yesterday with the typography flow chart, one of the comments pointed to the poster above. This is another designers response to Julian's poster. Instead of giving you a lot of choices, you are left with only one answer for everything: Helvetica.

Love the colors on this one.

I couldn't find a lot of info on Ron, but here is a link to the Picasa gallery that holds the image.

[via swissmiss comment section ]

So many to choose from

This is a pretty awesome poster created by Julian Hansen from Denmark. If you don't know what typeface to use you can use this handy flowchart to find what you seek. Click on it to enlarge it or go to Julian's site to see the full version

[via swissmiss ]

A Pop of Yellow

This is a fantastic image I saw on unplggd today, which was from a different house tour post over on AT.

I don't think my desk could ever look like this (although I did clean mine at work today, score!), but I really wouldn't mind it looking like this. What really drew me to the photo was the print on the right. The simple alphabet, but with the big yellow V in the background it just makes it so much more dynamic.

Someone has a leak...

Usually when it is getting close to new iPhone time there are leaked photos of the possible new models. These are usually fuzzy photos that you can barely tell that is it a phone. Sometimes they are real and most of the time they are fake.

However, it is pretty hard to fake this. This phone was found in a bar in Redwood City. It was inside a special case to make it look like an iPhone 3GS. They can't get it to boot correctly but they did take it apart and it has Apple hardware inside of it.

Basically somebody is in big trouble for losing this...

check out the rest over at gizmodo. If I had found it, I would hope for a pretty big reward, as well as free apple stuff for life...

UP Up and Away

So today was pretty much a horrible day... Really all I was in the mood for when I got home was to watch a good movie, and I was in the mood for UP. Downside was it is also kind of a sad movie, not a mood helper.

None the less, I love the graphics for this movie. They have others they used that were more illustrative, but this is my favorite. 1 color (with the gradient) is all you need to convey the feeling of this movie. Also, it is pretty amazing the detail you can achieve with just that one color.

If you haven't seen the movie, check it out, great way to relax.

Obvious "I've Got Wood" Joke Goes Here

There are a few skins for your laptop out there that I would actually put on a laptop, and this is one of them. The Chocolate Pine skin from Karvt. To me it seems just like an elegant modern kitchen combining dark woods and stainless steel, a great combination in my book. It also looks slightly textured from this photo which might give it a more high end look instead of a kid putting stickers on their trapper keeper (remember those!).

Only parts I am not a fan of? Their logo on the bottom corner, no thanks, and the price is a little steep at $35.

They come in a variety of woods: Bamboo, Pine, Walnut, and Cherry with a very options of "stain" colors.

[via unplggd]

Hello Spring!

I popped over to etsy today to kill sometime and I was greeted by a page full of yellow. Although it was cool outside today, I can see i'm not the only one loving that spring is here. As well as just loving yellow lately.

If you haven't been to etsy yet, go check it out and find some great handmade presents for your family and friends (and as always you can buy one of my prints there too...)

Mega Who?

This is an awesome pearler bead project (you remember pearler beads right? the little plastic cylinders you made into pictures then ironed them to melt them together?)

I saw this and it just made me smile. It is an action sequence of Mega Man. The best part, the creator superglued it to a wall in their dorm hallway. Apparently it is still standing, and that is so cool.

The other part I love about this is because they tried to take part of a hideous dorm and spice it up a little bit. Why would anyone peel it down, would they actually want to look at that horrible wall instead? It also makes me think about tv shows and moves how they portray dorms. I know mine looked more like this. It was a cinderblock L shape. Not the extravagent and spacious rooms portrayed in the media.

The entry is for a contest over on The Happy Seamstress, so go check out it, and the other entires and vote for your favorite.

[via sprite stitch to find out about the contest]

Aperture Update

An Aperture 3 update. If anyone actually picked up Aperture 3 after I posted about it, and then their computer basically ran like crap. I'm sorry. Mine did too. The program was slow, it was hard to do anything. I was about ready to downgrade, which wouldn't have been an easy process.

However, their update 3.0.2 came out and my Aperture is back up and running properly. So if you have it, and it's running bad, go for the update and see if it will cure what ails you.

Now I just gotta get back to take a lot of photos. I have been slacking.

All I Want for Christmas

This has been in my "to post" list for quite awhile and by the awesome feature of how Safari fills in your address bar and my need to go to Office Depot, I once again came across The Office of the Tooth Fairy.

When I was a kid and we lost a tooth we put it in a film canister, the black with the gray top, and that went under our pillow. When we woke up the money would be in the canister for us and the tooth would be mysteriously gone. I still remember when I had to clean the tooth up after it came out because it came out while eating a Carmellow bar and it was covered in chocolate and caramel. Great memories (although teeth do freak me out a bit in general) and I will always remember that film canister.

Memories like that are great but on the other hand I can't get over the shear beauty of these "official" letterpress Office of the Tooth Fairy certificates. I drooled over them the first time and once again I am. They thought of everything, the bag for the tooth, extremely detailed record keeping, the deposit envelope (although I might make one out of a film canister, heck my kids won't even know what film is...). I know I am sucker for letterpress in general, but these are fantastic. I have always been tempted to order, and now they have extra sheets so you can keep track of multiple children easily. Which was kind of the reason I held back. To buy for multiple children at $16 a set, was a little pricey, especially when I don't have kids yet. Now with the extra sheets, I can pick up one kit, a few extra record sheets and keep them for the future (plus one just to keep for myself).

You can order online or find a store near you. I just saw that there was one sort of nearby, but since the extra sheets are new, i'll probably order online and save the hassle. $16 for the first set, extra sheets are $6 each or they have packages of 5 and 10. Shipping is reasonable too at $1.50. Go get it!

P.S. Could they have picked better colors! Love the brown and blue. I have been trying to get some clients to use this combo forever.

A Fixie that Fixes

I was listening to the news as I made dinner tonight and there was a really cool story on it. It was about how there was a study going on at The Cleveland Clinic about how biking can actually help Parkinson's Disease. There was a video of a man having trouble controlling his hand, he then was able to get on a bike, rode it around a parking lot, and afterwards had a steady hand. He even said that he could feel the effects weeks later not having a lot of tremors.

That to me is amazing. So amazing. Hopefully the studies go further with it and they find a way to cure/prevent/decrease it.

[bike t-shirt on etsy]