Mega Who?

This is an awesome pearler bead project (you remember pearler beads right? the little plastic cylinders you made into pictures then ironed them to melt them together?)

I saw this and it just made me smile. It is an action sequence of Mega Man. The best part, the creator superglued it to a wall in their dorm hallway. Apparently it is still standing, and that is so cool.

The other part I love about this is because they tried to take part of a hideous dorm and spice it up a little bit. Why would anyone peel it down, would they actually want to look at that horrible wall instead? It also makes me think about tv shows and moves how they portray dorms. I know mine looked more like this. It was a cinderblock L shape. Not the extravagent and spacious rooms portrayed in the media.

The entry is for a contest over on The Happy Seamstress, so go check out it, and the other entires and vote for your favorite.

[via sprite stitch to find out about the contest]


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