It's BACK!

I didn't remember about this until late last night, so I was sad I didn't post it sooner to remind everyone.


The new season premiered last night with 2 great episodes. I enjoyed the little joke in the beginning about getting cancelled etc. I aso thought the episodes were top notch and that it didn't really miss a beat being gone all of these years.

So if you want to check it out and get Back to the Future with Fry, Leela, Bender and the gang, it is on Comedy Central Thursdays @ 10

* The photo is the Kidrobot Futurama figures that I have on my desk. My collection is getting quite large.

Rain Rain Go Away

We have been having some pretty crazy storms around here lately. The tornado sirens have went off at least 3 times in the last week and I lost power for 8 hours on Friday (of course right as my family who was staying the weekend walked in the door).

Last night was one of the most intense storms I have seen in awhile. Truly what you would call rolling thunder. It was almost one constant rumbling sound. While that happened lightning streaked across every direction of the sky, constantly, for about an hour. I wish I could have photographed it but my balcony is in a very bad spot for that.

I did enjoy watching it. It was slightly cloudy so sometimes it would just be the entire sky turning white as the clouds diffused the energy, then a streak would come down and touch the ground as another snaked through the sky.

Why does all this matter? One, because lightning is pretty cool and that's not my photograph above, but it is pretty great. Second, because I went to post last night and the storm knocked my internet and cable out, better then the power I guess.

I wanted to throw in a non-photograph lighting piece of art too. As always I am a sucker for letterpress, and the above card from Etsy is pretty great too (check out the rest of their stuff, great patterns, love it!).

[photo from Flickr and card from Etsy ]

Pack it Up, Pack it In, Let me Begin

This is what happens when you volunteer to be the guy that goes to IKEA and picks up a lot of furniture for the office...

We moved to a bigger studio, so now we have a little more room and needed more storage. We had stuff just stacked up in piles in our old space.  Plus, we have added a person who didn't have a desk yet. Since I was already heading to Chicago I said I would stop and get the furniture.

Packed into my car (which seems quite spacious, possibly to a point of deceiving me though) is:

  • 2 HUGE glass desk tops (these were the trouble makers)
  • 2 desk frames
  • 8 desk legs
  • 2 book shelves
  • 4 door inserts for bookshelves
  • 3 file cabinets
  • shoe cabinet for home
  • lamp
  • various small things, hangers, metal basket, etc.
It was pretty much a game of giant heavy Tetris to get it in there. I am guessing I gave my suspension a run for the money too. I know the bookshelves are 90lbs each, and the desks are even heavier. We also had to move the seats up quite a bit. Enough where I wouldn't be able to drive the car, so my wife drove while I crammed into the passenger seat.

As an added extra you get to see my awesome taillights. Too bad they weren't lit up, they just light up as bright red circles. AND yes, it was raining, which made the drive so much fun and taking it all up to my office a pain (it was a one man job to take it all up to the office, thankfully we have an elevator).

Mieces Creating art Pieces

No, I don't think I am going to post on the new iPhone because most likely you guys have already heard/read about it and don't need my ramblings on it.

Would you hang the above graphic on your wall? Maybe blow it up to nice size and hang it above your couch. When people asked about you could make up an insightful story and how it represents some random thing. Or you could tell them the truth, that you used IOGraph to track your computer mouse's movement for the day.

Yes, that is what it is! The software will track your mouse's movement and create a graphical representation of it. The circle represent the points at where your mouse was at rest.

I am definitely going to try this out because of a few reasons. 1. That is pretty cool. 2. I would like to see what my patterns look like (if you check out their Flickr page you can see someone's photoshop session and what we do over and over again, like go to the layers palette). 3. I am curious at the files it outputs and if it would really be able to blow it up to a giant size (raster vs vector) From the look at a photo on a Flickr Page it looks entirely possible.

[via Unplggd]

Copiers make it easy for Copycats

By copycats I mean Identity Thieves... yes your copier (or anyone else's) can help steal your identity!

I came across this article the other day from CBS News and it blew my mind. If you used a copier to copy personal info or even a company that has some form of your information used a copier then did not properly wipe it's hard-drive when it was either sold or trashed then you have a chance to have your identity stolen.

Copiers store an image of almost everything that is ran through it and it can be retrieved with free software quite easily. Insurance companies, payroll, police departments, everybody that you might have a connection with could be a victim to this.

With my wife, myself, my parents, my mom again, and many others having their identity stolen (and we take precautions) this is just crazy. It is really sad that nowadays if you ask people who have had at least a portion of their identity stolen there are many more with their hands up now...

Read the full article to have your mind opened and your rage button double clicked.