Copiers make it easy for Copycats

By copycats I mean Identity Thieves... yes your copier (or anyone else's) can help steal your identity!

I came across this article the other day from CBS News and it blew my mind. If you used a copier to copy personal info or even a company that has some form of your information used a copier then did not properly wipe it's hard-drive when it was either sold or trashed then you have a chance to have your identity stolen.

Copiers store an image of almost everything that is ran through it and it can be retrieved with free software quite easily. Insurance companies, payroll, police departments, everybody that you might have a connection with could be a victim to this.

With my wife, myself, my parents, my mom again, and many others having their identity stolen (and we take precautions) this is just crazy. It is really sad that nowadays if you ask people who have had at least a portion of their identity stolen there are many more with their hands up now...

Read the full article to have your mind opened and your rage button double clicked.


August 6, 2010 at 8:53 AM

Janet said...

i didnt know that a copier can steal our identity!? :) thanks for sharing this info with us... glad i have the protection from identity theft of this company...

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