Pack it Up, Pack it In, Let me Begin

This is what happens when you volunteer to be the guy that goes to IKEA and picks up a lot of furniture for the office...

We moved to a bigger studio, so now we have a little more room and needed more storage. We had stuff just stacked up in piles in our old space.  Plus, we have added a person who didn't have a desk yet. Since I was already heading to Chicago I said I would stop and get the furniture.

Packed into my car (which seems quite spacious, possibly to a point of deceiving me though) is:

  • 2 HUGE glass desk tops (these were the trouble makers)
  • 2 desk frames
  • 8 desk legs
  • 2 book shelves
  • 4 door inserts for bookshelves
  • 3 file cabinets
  • shoe cabinet for home
  • lamp
  • various small things, hangers, metal basket, etc.
It was pretty much a game of giant heavy Tetris to get it in there. I am guessing I gave my suspension a run for the money too. I know the bookshelves are 90lbs each, and the desks are even heavier. We also had to move the seats up quite a bit. Enough where I wouldn't be able to drive the car, so my wife drove while I crammed into the passenger seat.

As an added extra you get to see my awesome taillights. Too bad they weren't lit up, they just light up as bright red circles. AND yes, it was raining, which made the drive so much fun and taking it all up to my office a pain (it was a one man job to take it all up to the office, thankfully we have an elevator).


June 16, 2010 at 8:54 PM

Christopher said...

Nice packing job. It reminds me of moving out of the dorms back in the day. I had my little PT Cruiser filled completely all the way from the back to the passenger seat.

June 21, 2010 at 9:08 AM

RiRi Willow said...

Hah nice!!! I love figuring out how to fit everything into cars!! I happen to think I am AMAZING at it! I would love to be in a car packing contest!!



But enough about me...

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