Futurama in the Palm of Your Hand

I spotted this Futurama Vinyl mini Series on Notcot two days ago and I can't stop thinking about them. They are made the the king of vinyl figures, Kidrobot.

I am not a stranger to the Kidrobot figures, but I have managed to hold off temptation almost until now. The only exception being my dunny Ribeye who lives on my desk (and I mean how could I avoid buying him with my carnivore diet). I have been tempted many times since then, dunnys, munnys, labbits (OH MY!), but never like this.

I have a special place in my brain where Futurama lives. It is one of my all time favorite cartoons. Yes, Simpsons is great, Family Guy was a passing fad for me, and Futurama will live on forever. This is partially I think because it ended on a high note. Their movies since then have been good, and it is coming back on the air, but I have heard not with the original cast, and that will make the first episodes last as classics. The characters are so deep, the story lines are fantastic, and dare I say it...yes... the show has made me cry (a manly cry though).

But back to the subject at hand. These awesome vinyls. People got their first look at them at the SDCC and some people actual have some since they gave a few out at the Comic Con. They come out next month. I will have to splurge and get a few. They are blind boxed, which means its a grab bag. You could get the amazing Bender, Mom, or Slurms McKenzie, you won't know! I know which ones I want, however that would be the entire set, and cost me way too much cash (if I got the entire set in one shot, I would hop on a plane to Vegas, then and there).

Ribeye will get a few friends though, for sure.

Photos are from NotCot


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