CB2 or 5

Today as I was cruising the internet for a new chair, something else caught my eye as I looked around on CB2's website. I often don't often look through their book section, but it is almost as if they called out my name with this giant, red and white, number 5.

It is no secret I have an affinity for large numbers. Make it fill a space, and boldly colored, and you've got me. Not even listening to what you tell me anymore, just staring at the 5.

The book "five" is actually about planning out the next five years of your life. It is getting great reviews on the CB2 site right now, and at $14.95, it is not priced bad at all. I would buy it (and maybe I will!) just to have that giant 5, and who knows, might end up seeing where the next five years of my life may take me as well.


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