Another one of my great joys in life would be video games. I'm not into the Xbox 360 and things like that (although I manage to stay alive for a bit with Halo3 when I play with my brother in law), but I prefer the old school video games. I still have my original NES from when I was a kid, and most of the games. I even replaced part of the system to make it work a bit better and avoid blowing into the cartridge slot every 5 minutes (some of you will know what I mean)

Above is a great mini version of the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) created out of LEGOs by Arkov. For being so small it is extremely accurate. Would love one of these on my desk.

Now, this is just a side thought, but isn't it amazing how you can still play the old systems and they still work great? I don't see anyone pulling their PS1 or original xbox out for some playtime. Plus, how much newer game stuff do you break? I'm still using the two original controllers that came with my NES and I know as a kid we probably treated them like crap...

*Cuddly cat used for scale and to add a bit of awesome to the photos.


July 7, 2009 at 1:33 PM

RiRi Willow said...

Hah yeah, at home we still have a nes and a super nes that i bring out every now and again, they work just fine!! i love how you can throw the old cartridges around and still be able to use them (and if they dont start right up, as you said, blow in them and then they work, hahah)!! oh yeah and i completely love my n64 even though thats not entirely that old, but my brother and cousins would always be rough with it over the years (like real rough) and we just used it this weekend (although one of the controllers is missing the joystick plastic)!! I've scratched so many game discs for my ps2, gamecube, and xbox and totally broke my wii fit disc its pretty silly...cant they figure out a way to make durable high quality games??? especially for nintendo...cuz i mean come on its mostly kids using these things (plus me!!!)so they are going to be handled pretty rough!

and there goes me turning your side comment into a rant!!! i do love the lego nes though! and the kitten^^ i want them both!

July 7, 2009 at 3:10 PM

Josh said...

so so true

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