I Like to Ride My Bike

This is a poster I found in Change The Thought and it was for Art Crank Denver.

Artcrank was a poster show that took place in Denver in April and is all about bicycle inspired art from local artists in the host city.

I really enjoy the layering the use of 2 colors in this. I always feel that screen printing brings out some great techniques when it comes to printing. It's not like when you send something out to be printed and you are just paying for an extra color, you actually have to take the time to print it all over again with a second, or third, etc color if you want another. When I printed the poster in my etsy store, it was 3 colors, but the silver took a double pass, so it was printed 4 times, and that is a lot of work and time.

The show is coming up in St. Louis and San Francisco. If you're in those cities, check it out. The posters are only sold at the shows, so you gotta be there to get the art.


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