Sweet Meats

Yesterday as I was browsing Grain Edit's SanFran Renegade Craft Fair post I stumbled across a link to a reader's Flickr page that had photos from the LA event. That is how I found these beauties. Luckily they had the website name with the photos, because I wanted to know more about them.

Welcome to Sweet Meats. The plushies come in both individual and family size servings, and I gotta say, I want them all. It could be because I am a carnivore, and I love meat, or it could just be that they are just plain awesome. 

I really enjoy the website design as well and that fact that you can have them gift wrapped in butcher paper. The pins are pretty cool too and once again makes me wish I had a button maker. I hope they make an appearance at the Chicago Renegade since I will be there (hopefully).

I would not mind picking up a Meat Medley of my own. I need to find their bizarro company though, onc with plushies of veggies since my wife is a vegetarian. Gotta balance it out.


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