Boontje and HP

Time to pair a little technology and design, and in a good way
Tord Boontje Studio has been working with HP and have developed a new case for the Mini 110 netbook. It features some illustrations and patterning that is characteristic to Boontje and is a little bit different then current laptop cases. It is not a flat image. It uses a new technology called "HP Imprint 3D" so that the image is constructed out of many different layers and add some real depth to the images. It looks as all of that is under a smooth finish though so you don't have to worry about it getting destroyed throughout your daily life.
The design is a white on white pattern consisting of plants and endangered animals. It looks as if some of it is reflective as well, as you can see in one of the photos. Also, the designers are available as 15 wallpapers included on the netbook and other items such as mice will be coming out as well.
The great thing? They are not going to completely screw the customers and jack the price on it because it has a famous name attached to it (along with a new technology to make it etc.). It is supposed to retail for $399 which is in line with their other offerings.
[pictures and via Engadget and Laptop ]


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