The First Day of Fall

Well it's that time of the year again, Fall is here. The weather lately has seemed to fit that too since it has been a bit cooler and a bit wetter then normal. We went on a 14 mile bike ride over the weekend, and I am excited to keep doing it as the trees turn. For some reason Fall has just become one of my favorite seasons. Summer used to be great when you would get it off from school, but when you have to work, it is just hot. I love winter and snow, but there isn't enough snow here to do anything with it, and it is just cold (-30 anyone? How the hell did that happen last year?). So I think we have a winner with Fall.

Doesn't hurt that I just love the smell of Fall in the air, you know that smell? Getting cider and donuts, picking out pumpkins, cornmazes (yes, I live in the Midwest...), all so good.

I only thought that this print was fitting for the turn of the seasons. This framed print is available over on Pressed Leaf for $395. No, its not cheap, but I do have to say that is is amazing. The part that is winning me over is the texture. The areas of the stems that are coming up "off" the paper a bit just adds so many visual layers to it. Plus, the vibrant color and the patterning is just amazing. Go check out the rest of the work there because it is quite amazing what they do with pressed leaves.

Oh, and this won't be the last fall related post, plenty more to come.


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