Marian Bantjes - Design Ignites Change #1

Time for one of my favorite posters This beauty above is by the amazing Marian Bantjes. It was created for the Academy for Education Development (AED) to promote how important it is to have good design in the development process. The poster says "Design Ignites Change" and it is laser cut from the paper. No ink is used, just some slight browning from the laser burns around the design.

This poster is stunning in person and I am very happy to say that I have this poster hanging in my bedroom right now. I can't wait until I have a place to hang it near a window and go for the see through effect. I have it in a frame with a cream background so it looks very minimalist but so sexy at the same time, it also looks great hanging right next to it's twin poster that is Part 2 of the project.

Originally, you could donate money to the AED and get a poster in return, so not only did you get a great piece of art but you helped out the organization too. Sadly they are sold out and were a very limited edition.


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