Movie posters don't have to be horrible

Yes, it's true, movie posters don't have to be horrible photoshop disasters every time... Sometimes the designer actually puts a bit of thought into it, actually considers typography, and instead of making a cluster-you-know-what out of random images that don't belong together, they create a great poster.

Above are two great examples. The first is for Burn After Reading, while not a fan of the movie, I love the poster and would hang it up. It has a huge Saul Bass feel to it and the red texture as the background is great as opposed to just a flat area of color, it wouldn't have been the same.

The other is for Ocean's 11 and with the use of some simple shapes and a few colors, a great poster is born. The red diagonals really draw you right into the poster. I would love to see this as a screenprint.


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