Feels Like Fall

I was having kind of a bum day yesterday because a project of mine wasn't going so well. Add in the gloomy rain and the fact that rain makes me horribly gloomy myself... not a good day. So I decided to relax and not post.

Today it's still gloomy but I am feeling the Fall weather and wanted to share this poster. I posted it on my personal blog a year ago, and went back to find it. It is from the Spike Press and has been sold out for a long time. I love the use of the kraft brown and the iconic warm red/orange/yellow hues. The format is really nice too, a bit different for a gig poster which are usually all the same.

Sorry for the small image, it was all I could find. I prefer large ones but really wanted to share the poster with you. Spike also redid their site and I like it a lot better now. It used to have a black background and was harder to view the images.


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