A-Frame of my Dreams

If you don't have a subscription to ReadyMade, pop over to your bookstore and check out the current issue. The cover feature is this great A-Frame House and the renovations they did on it.

Amazing color on the house, I know it is that 70's look with the brown and orange (and the door is robin's egg blue) but they look so good together. This has me inspired to finally print my block that i carved awhile ago and get it done!

I don't think I could live it in it all the time because of a lack of space but this would be an amazing cabin / vacation home. Or heck, maybe I could do it if I had a studio space built out in the woods as well.

Also, if you don't have  subscription, i recommend one, great magazine and you can get it cheap. Their normal offer is 2 years (12 issues) for 20 bucks. But I got a really good deal and got 4 years for $27. Great gift idea for the holidays!

(sorry for the small photo, all I could get without scanning my cover)


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