Hello Jenuine

I pulled this fantastic link out of my "blog it!" folder tonight, and it seemed to just fit for todays post. Meet Hello Jenuine. I found her site and blog quite awhile ago, but I am glad I waited to post it. One because like I said, it felt like the perfect post for today, and two, because she has more things posted since the last time I was there.

Her illustrations are great and really fit in with my current theme of drawings I have been working on as well. Except she actually gets them out of the sketchbook and prints them. Often it seems like she is using gocco (oh how I would like to get my hands on a gocco set...).

Go check out her work, and check out her store as well with some of her items for sale. Lots of great things to see and it really inspires me to get some stuff down on paper. Clarify that, ink on paper, not just sketches.

Oh, also, she seems to like bears since a few of her different illustrations and posts involve it. Never hurts.


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