Decorate the tree in style

Are you looking for that ornament that has a little extra style? A little tired of Santa holding a Coke, snowmen doing various things, or the Grinch stealing christmas in a miniature scale? Well Look no more. Dress up your tree with some acrylic game controller ornaments . Available in 6 colors in a set of 7 for $25.

I can only think of to things to improve it. I would offer a few more options. Possibly an all wiimote set (they would look like icicles hanging on the tree...) or maybe some single serving options  since the NES controller is amazing.

Second, although the acrylic looks good, and had a direct connection to all of the plastics the real controllers are made out of... I want to see it in wood. Maybe out of a nice plywood or bamboo. This would give it kind of a more elegant look and instead of having brightly colored plastic on the tree you could have nice, warm, wood tones. I would be more driven to purchase it in wood and think it would look phenomenal on the tree.


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