Sorry for the Non-Post


Sorry for the Non-Post here. I got a bit angry at the computer tonight and needed to take a break.

Well not really mad at THE computer, but more mad at Amazon. I am getting tired of them moving their prices up and down. Yes. Sometimes I have benefited for this, but most of the time I do not.

Todays example. I have been watching a present for someone on there. Price is $X usually. So during lunch I took a look at it and it was 1/3 lower. WOO HOO. I shall order tonight I tell myself (because I don't like to order stuff at work). When I get home I go to order it. The price is back to $X. Seriously? What changed? 3 hours. I just feel cheated by this business practice. So I went looking at found it at a different location and shall order it.

I know I will probably shop there in the future, but I am just getting tired of it. I can live with a day to day switch (still though...) but a couple hours is ridiculous.


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