Time For an Upgrade

I know I am a couple days late on this, but I am glad I caught it at all since I was out of town. On Feb 9th apple introduced the newest version of Aperture, Aperture 3 .

I currently use Aperture 2 and I really like it. There are a few things I liked slightly better about iPhoto (and i had v8 not v9 when I switched, I think) but not enough to stick with it. I switched and am very happy. Best thing is a non destructive workflow, make an adjustment here, brighten this, fix that, crop this, and if you hate it all in a few weeks, just turn them off and you are back to ground zero. Unlike photoshop where once you close the file you are done or iphoto where you could only revert back to the original (never used Lightroom, so who knows)

There are a still a fews thing I didn't love so hopefully it will be fixed in a the new version, I'll have to find out for myself. Mostly a few quirks on importing, not making it easy to name a project on import (you have to have it created beforehand with the name, or it gets named Untitled and you can fix it later). Apparently, you are also able to sort your items in any order you want now, which would have been nice, except I adopted a date system that lets me just sort chronologically (so my folders all start like "2010-02-11 Name" but I would have preferred iPhoto's system where I would just put "Name" and it would use the date on the files to sort).

In addition to many upgrade you also get facial recognition, geo tagging, better brushing, better tagging and who knows what else yet. They say they have 200+ new features.


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