The Good Ol Days

If only this wasn't too good to be true.

Great concept that mousevomit created in school. Based upon the class NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) controller, this mouse brings a little something old and something new to the party. 

If this was a real product, I would be picking one up. The only 2 flaws I can see is the D-Pad is placed a little father back for good thumb control (obviously right now so it has a little room on the mouse before it tapers...), and it would be great to discreetly add in a scroll ball (gotta have my 4 way scrolling). But neither of those additions would stick with the classic aesthetics and design cues of the original controller.

None the less, like I said, I would love to have one. I still use my NES, even though I tried to sell it once on e-bay, and the seller refused to pay, worked out better for me in the end, because I didn't lose it. Now I just slowly buy back some of my childhood games on ebay. Those controllers are the same ones I used in the 80's, and they still work, can't say that for technology nowadays. If they ever made this mouse, hopefully they stand up the test of time (and abuse) as well.


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