Above is some really solid identity work from Emmi. The first one is for the Finnish Institue in London. From the top is their annual report, business card, and then a folder. Good usage of pattern on the back of the cards, and I like their use of a diagonal slot that not only holds the card but also displays it on each side. Not just showing some corners peeking out on the other side.

The business card itself is really calling to me. It could be the use of teal (hmmm... do I like teal right now, let me look around...), the dividing lines bleeding off the top edge (but not the entire top of the card), the logo, or just the general layout. All great.

The second piece is another identity system. Not as glamorous, but not everything can be. From the look of that business card they had to fit in a lot of information, and that isn't easy. I know that one from experience since I work for lawyers. The pink on the flip side is a nice addition to keep it interesting and fun.

Go and check out the rest of their work, it's really top notch. I also love how when you scroll on their website, the menu bar stays still and the info scrolls up behind it and past it. Usually I hate that effect, but they just did it right, and it works really good. Go look at the rest of their work now!


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