Decorating with Tetris

I'm going to keep going with the video game theme tonight. One, because these Tetris planters are seriously awesome, and two, because I just feel like it.

I found these planters on Behance made by Stephanie Choplin, they were created in 2007 at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn. Everything about these really just makes me smile. The fact that they are Tetris themed, the bright colors, and just a different take on pottery. Well done.

So, the video game posts and these really started me thinking. Enough that a day or two ago I got out my NES, and hooked it up to the LCD tv (nice mix of old and new) and started playing. Such good times. The other thing with these is they make me want to get back into pottery. There is a studio downtown here and I really want to take one of their workshops and go to open studio when I have free time. I can say that if I do, something similar to these might be happening...seriously. But, we shall see when I get around to that, gotta add it to my list of things to do. Also on the list: take my glass blowing workshop that was a gift from my wife (awesome present!) and get back into block printing (learning how to) and screen-printing.


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