Two Great Things in Life

What do you get when you cross a love of zombies AND robots? Well, you accidentally stumble across the work of Travis Pitts and

To be more truthful I didn't stumble across him at that exact address, I actually came across the print above on Image Kind and wanted to see more of his work. Next thing I know I am looking at the illustrator who has made a good amount of great threadless designs, and countless other great illustrations.

Love his illustration style and the ties into vintage comics and advertisements, posters, and screenprinting. I really want to get the above poster (anyone want to send me one? I'll get you the address...) and his work is one I will be keeping any eye on. 


July 12, 2009 at 12:15 PM

RiRi Willow said...

Yes!!! Love it!! and i love how i was just bombarded with all his greatest when i went to his website...hahah it was amazing, like BAM! i dont worked for me, thats all im saying. I also will say that i was mildly disturbed by the food lady illi...with the fish leg and pineapple face=O

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