The Gigantic Robot

This is the next book I am going to buy (or pre-order...)

The Gigantic Robot is a new book by Tom Gauld. It is a 32 page board book about a gigantic robot. It has a silver cover and features 2 color printing throughout the book. You can find some more photos of it on Tom's Flickr page.

A lot of people have sad that robots were a passing fad, but I really could care less. I loved robots before they were a "fad" and still love them to this day. It probably stems from almost any boy's childhood dream to either own a robot, be a robot, or just dance like a robot. All of this is just further reinforced with Futurama from a few years ago, which is still one of my favorite animated comedies (OK, i'll say it, cartoons, I am a man, and I love cartoons, but everyone around me already knows that). Nothing like having a best friend that is a robot. The drawings in this sort of remind me a bit from the one episode with the "What If" Machine, and Bender asked "What if I was 500 feet tall?" and the beginning sequence was a little like this with a huge structure holding him up. 

I am also feeling a bit of The Incredibles here with the different robots Syndrome created to destroy the Supers. All great things to be reminded of when this book arrives.

Overseas customers can by it from the first link, and those of us in the US can buy it from Buenaventura Press for $17 plus shipping. I'll be adding it to my collection soon.


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