Hitachino Nest Beer

I said we'd get back to some beer posts, so here we are. Above is White Ale from Hitachino Nest from the Kiuchi Brewery In Japan.

It is a somewhat popular beer, made popular because of it's great labels and awesome owl character (who also is on the caps, best bottle cap design). I can't wait to try the other beers they make. However they are a bit pricey, so it may take awhile to collect them all. They have a lot of different kinds. 

The white ale was a really nice wheat beer. I had it after a long day at work yesterday yelling at some machines who weren't operating as they should... Great wheat flavor, golden color, was really smooth but had a lot of complex flavors for it as well. Some wheat beers are a one at a time kind of thing and often don't want more then one in a row. However, I wouldn't have minded another one after the first one at all.

The other photo is of the rest of the beers I have obtained lately. Some of them are from my in-laws that they got at a german store for me, and the others I picked up at Oliver T's in Michigan. They have over 700 kinds of beer, so these the the select few that made it home with me this time. Next on the list will be the Samurai Rice Ale (also love their packaging and their bottle caps are great as well), or the Orange Cream ale.


July 16, 2009 at 9:46 PM

RiRi Willow said...

Fun design and very cute, i like Owls!!! But not beer...


but i guess because of the owl i would drink this or just steal the bottle!=D

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