Time for a Bike Ride

One of the things that says "summer" is riding your bike around. As a kid I rode my bike all over, which wasn't such an easy task since my parents lived out in the country and on a dirt road. Not as much fun if you lived in a subdivision, however, it was still a good time.

I'm a bit older now, but I still love a good bike ride. I have a mountain bike in the attic (in pieces, since I don't have room in the apartment for it) and I have my wife's and my bike hanging in our office. We got them for each other for our birthdays last year to get back into riding more. My wife's previous bike was the one that she had as a kid, and mine is that mountain bike, not easy to ride around town on 2.5" wide knobby tires. We both got new schwinns, mine is a hybrid, and hers is a comfort, and it's great to take them out and ride around town.

The bikes above aren't ours, but I wouldn't mind them taking their places. They are the Simple City 8 by Gary Fischer. I imagine having these and living in a beach town on the western side of Michigan and just riding around town. 

Great color on the woman's bike, the teal and white go together so good. I don't know how I feel about the yellow on the men's bike. I would have to see it in person, maybe it would grow on me. The front basket has a unique design and is more stylish then most bike baskets (except maybe the Carrie basket my wife has, a post on that another day). They are made to ride to the store etc, and carry your shopping home. However it seems like they would offer an equally stylish back basket system as well. Something with 2 hanging baskets in the back. Since a front basket makes your bike a bit unstable and harder to ride, a back basket is ideal especially for these bikes purpose.

None the less, a very sleek and stylish bike.


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