The Journal of Popular Noise

The Journal of Popular Noise first caught my eye awhile back, and every time I look at it, I feel the same way all over again. The hairline type, color, whitespace, and grid all combine into one great piece. They must know they have struck a winning design as well since each edition has a similar setup just varying in the actual information and the color of the type on white (cyan, magenta, grey, and dark red).

Until now, all of these sleeves were letterpress printed, but now they are offered in a letterpress edition and an offset edition. I am guessing that a few designers might have found out about them and started to deplete the stock intended for the vinyl junkies. I would have to say we are guilty for that as well since we ordered one for the office, and it looks fantastic in person.

Not only the typographical design is to be noted here though, also the design of the vinyl sleeve itself. It folds out into a 2 sided letterpress poster, and when folded, it is a fantastic, fold only disc holder.. I might try and modify this design to see how many discs I could hold with it for a personal project.

It would make a great gift for both your design and audio friends. Keep up the good work!


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