Supersized Block Printing

If you are someone that has been talking to me lately, you know block printing has been on my mind. I am currently trying to teach myself and it is actually going quite well. I should have my first print done soon and will have some up for sale. I have been scouring the web and etsy for some inspiration for future prints (and I have a few ideas lined up already).

In my searching I came across these city block prints by Mark Andrew Weber. This stuff is amazing, utterly amazing. I know from doing lithography, and screenprinting, and now block printing how hard it is to do a large image, and this guy is taking size to the next level.

The first 3 images are from his current city he is working on, Paris. Where as the last two are from Amsterdam, and they show the finished print and the block. So, the Paris lino is as big as an entire room and is around 60" x 70". That is so huge! Not only is he cutting and printing something so large, but he is also doing typography with it, and really cool type at that. When he finishes prints he sells them in his store and I will have to keep a lookout for when Paris is up for sale (my wife loves France and Europe) since the one photo looks like it might be close to done.

I know I already said it, but the type on these are great and they are just enormous (they are so big I had to say it twice!).

They make my 4"x5" block look quite puny. 


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