Who is mein homeboy?

I have been eyeballing these shirts for a little while and finally decided to put them up here. I found these awhile ago by forgotten means but they are t-shirts created in tribute to famous designers by Paul Nini.

He has added quite a few new shirts since I looked at his store the last time. Some I liked, and some I didn't. These are a few of my favorites though.

- I actually had the pleasure to meet Wolfgang and hangout out with him my first year in our design program. I wish I would have realized his true significance to the design world at that time. No autographs, no books signed. So stupid.

- One of my projects was on Saul Bass, and I cam to love his work. The poster I did featured this same image which was from his film title work for The Man with the Golden Arm.

- Love Brockmann all together. I own so many of his books, studied his work, just love it. A huge influence on my development as a designer

- Can't leave out Josef and can't forget studying him and painting color swatches by hand for months my first year. Where did I put that color studies book?

So those are my favorites. Wouldn't mind picking up a couple of them one day. Go and check out the rest for sure. I kind of wish their names were not so huge on the shirt, because it could make for a fun guess the designer quiz.


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