A Little of My Own Work

Well Poster Week is coming to a close, and I think it went rather well. Maybe next time I won't plan a week with a lot of extra posts on a week where I am traveling, not too smart...

So I thought I would try and end the week with a little bit of a self promotional plug. This is a poster that I created last year. I went up to Chicago to learn how to screenprint (better) from Steve at the Screwnall Press, and this is the end result. I am pretty happy with the outcome. The poster is 3 inks, orange, dark grey, and metallic silver

It is available in my Etsy store and you can click the link over on the right side of the page to get there. There is a bit more of a description of the poster on the Etsy page as well as a couple more photos. The plan is to take the money I make from these posters and put it back into my art. So if I sell a few, it goes towards more supplies and therefore more art.

This is just a taste of some of my work, I am hoping to have a lot more of it up soon. I have some lithographs from school I am going to post on here and on the etsy store and I am currently working on a couple of bllock prints.

Have a great long weekend everyone!


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