Cutie Bear from the Delicious Design League

I am really liking this poster from the Delicious Design League. Great illustration on it's own, but the one of the 3 colors coming together is just fantastic. I am also drawn to the trees on top and the woodsy feel. I have been in that mood a lot lately and have been incorporating it in to some of my own work (which I will share with you soon).

Go pick up this poster. 3 screens, 18x24, $30

Update: I think the first link may be the first edition of this poster that is now SOLD OUT if you try to get it directly from the League, however they are doing a second printing, and you can pre-order here, $20, makes me want it even more. Colors may vary though, so I will probably wait until it comes out, color is very important to me.

[via Grain Edit]


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