My New Camera Bag

Extremely happy! A box got delivered today with this inside! A very awesome thank you from some friends who I photographed their wedding for them.

The Crumpler 6 Million Dollar Home. It looks to be just the right size for me. It can hold a few lenses with room to spare. Hopefully, some of that will be taken up buy a new flash soon.

A small feature but an awesome one, the bag has velcro silencers. Lets say you are at a wedding or something, you can't be opening your bag all the time. CRNNNNNCCCCHHHHH goes the velcro. Those little red flaps you see actually have flaps in them, fold out, and cover the velcro. So awesome.

Note: I linked to the "lite" version of the Crumpler site. Their full version of their site is ridiculous and memory intensive, and really adds no value to their site. I don't understand how a business can really think that is good....


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