My Little Getaway

This is the print that I worked on over the weekend. It's my first block I have carved and the second time printing it (the first time didn't go so hot). But, this printing it went a lot better.

I ended up with a nice edition of 10 and soon I'll have some of them up in my store. They are printed on a white Rives BFK (320gsm if I remember correctly) and I did the torn, deckled edge on them.

I just need to figure out the title for them and sign and number them and they're be ready to go. I plan on printing this again later on some card and such.

Anyone interested in one? I can set it aside for you.


November 4, 2009 at 9:38 AM

RiRi Willow said...

Ooooo YAY! Glad you finally did this! I want it! Send it to me! Now.

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