Get Your Jewel On

The next on my list of "time sucks" is the always amazing Bejewled on Facebook. I got my wife hooked on it as well and it is beyond addicting. You can play on your iPod Touch and your iPhone as well. It has your friends listed on the side so you can compete which them as well.

One of the best (or worst) parts is it records all of your scores over 25k points. So you can see how many games you have one over 25k (well over 500 now), 50k, 75k, etc. The bad part abut this, is you can add them all up, and if each game is a minute long, you can figure out how long you have wasted your life on this. I do wish it recorded every game played, since I know I have a lot under 25k, but the last time I checked i had clocked in around 20 solid hours of game time.


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