Slick Deals

This week I kind of thought about posting a bit what I do online when I am not reading design blog, working on projects (both design and art) etc. Kind of a look into my life. Usually if I am slow on posting, it is because these other sites have sort of taken my mind over for a bit.

First up is Slick Deals. If you know me, you know I love good deals and great deals. SD is a forum where everyone goes and post about great deals they have found so others can partake in them. This may seem crazy but I save $1000's a year shopping for good deals online. The only problem with SD is you get hooked and end up spending money you don't need to.

However, in the normal realm of things, and things tht may help you in your professional life, I picked up 3 more years of Popular Photography this weekend for $12 (normal one year price is $14) and I also was able to save $1440 off my Sprint bill (over the next 2 years of my contract), and was also able to do the same Sprint deal for my parents, inlaws, and sister. Not too many design related items come up, but when they do I am on them. This goes along with searching for coupon codes online, I have saved almost everywhere I shop, including MoMA.

Just be careful, you can get hooked easy.


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