Diana Mini

Ok, so I don't know how this wasn't on my radar. Especially since I was just looking at lomo camera recently.

Behold, the Diana Mini! It uses 35mm film and can shoot in square of rectangle format. It shoots in a half frame format, so if you have a roll for 24, you get 48, roll of 36, you get 72. It also has the 2 prong flash adapter that Diana's use. ( link to the lomo, but it seems to not be working)

So now for the negative. It does not come with a flash (those are $60 extra). The camera itself costs $60, which is just as much as a full sized version. Plus, here's the real downer, it is not that good. Great review on Four Corners Dark and it made me really not want to pick one one. If I got one for free or super cheap, as eye candy, yes, but paying $60 for something that doesn't work right, no.


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